Presshaus LA
a design + letterpress studio in Los Angeles


Kristine Arellano / Presshaus LA Photo by Jessica Comingore

Kristine Arellano / Presshaus LA
Photo by Jessica Comingore


We believe first impressions can be made with a piece of paper.


Presshaus LA fuses the classic craft of print into this millennium by executing modern design with vintage printing presses.

Owner Kristine Arellano, a native to Los Angeles, learned this craft in Munich, Germany.  Since establishing a studio in the basement of her “haus,” her portfolio of graphic design and print work for designers and small businesses continues to grow and display her passion and expertise.




Los Angeles, California
in the Silver Lake neighborhood

Please, no walk-ins. 
All visits by appointment only.
Thank you for understanding.

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Mini Cooper USA
NBC Universal
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Baby Boy Bakery
Big Star Denim
Building Block
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Why "haus" and not "house?"

During all of 2011, Kristine and her husband Richard Kim lived in Munich, Germany. They were fully immersed in the language and culture not as tourists but as residents. Luckily, they met Christa Schwarztrauber, a master printer and typographer based in Munich. A curiosity for print lead into an apprenticeship where Kristine honed her skills for printing in the traditional method without the use of computers and plates. All prints were meticulously hand-set with metal and wood type.

More info about Christa and the Fliegenkopf Werkstatt:


Fliegenkopf Werkstatt / Munich, Germany